Commissary Kits

Commissary Kits

Commissary Kits

As the businesses that rely on streamlined processes, such as prep kitchens, food service industry, airlines and the grocery store deli continue to expand, pre-portioned and packaged chesses are essential.

Family Fresh Pack creates time and cost saving kits for commissary kitchens to best serve their clients by ensuring consistency in serving sizes and removing the potential for product waste. Options and sizes vary depending on the cheese, style of slicing, number of pieces and other custom requirements.

If your business could benefit from process improvements with our commissary kits, let’s start a conversation today.

What began as a small business specializing in a highly skilled cut and wrap operation with small minimums to help small companies grow, has developed into a nationally known innovator and leader in the packing industry. Today, using advances in technology paired with years of experience, Family Fresh Pack continues to add tremendous value to its customers’ products.

Environmental Impact

Our focus on reducing waste and protecting our environment is not only a wise business decision, it's the right thing to do. We are proud to state that as of July 2019, we've ordered over 71,000 recycled boxes. That's 468 trees saved just since August of 2018. Adding to our recycled packaging commitment, we are sharpening our focus on waste reduction and have recently tipped the scales at a 195,804 pound decrease.

boxes recycled

lbs of waste reduced

kinds of cheese

Second Harvest meals donated

“We work with over 85 different plants and you guys are definitely one of the best! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us every week.”

– Director of Contract Plant Operations

Our Story

We are genuine specialty food enthusiasts to the core and take our role of staying current with the consumer’s eating habits very serious.

Our leadership team brings over 100 years of expertise to the specialty snack packing, cheese production, and cheese packaging industry. Since our beginning in 1995, we have evolved as technology and our client’s needs have transformed. But our passion, commitment to our customers, reinvestment in our employees, and our belief in working hard have not changed.

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